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This callback was added in SA-MP 0.3e and will not work in earlier versions!


This callback is called when a player finishes editing an object (EditObject/EditPlayerObject).

Name Description
playerid The ID of the player that edited an object
playerobject 0 if it is a global object or 1 if it is a playerobject.
objectid The ID of the edited object
response The type of response
Float:fX The X offset for the object that was edited
Float:fY The Y offset for the object that was edited
Float:fZ The Z offset for the object that was edited
Float:fRotX The X rotation for the object that was edited
Float:fRotY The Y rotation for the object that was edited
Float:fRotZ The Z rotation for the object that was edited


1 - Will prevent other scripts from receiving this callback.

0 - Indicates that this callback will be passed to the next script.

It is always called first in filterscripts.


public OnPlayerEditObject(playerid, playerobject, objectid, response, Float:fX, Float:fY, Float:fZ, Float:fRotX, Float:fRotY, Float:fRotZ)
	new Float:oldX, Float:oldY, Float:oldZ, Float:oldRotX, Float:oldRotY, Float:oldRotZ;
	GetObjectPos(objectid, oldX, oldY, oldZ);
	GetObjectRot(objectid, oldRotX, oldRotY, oldRotZ);
	if(!playerobject) // If this is a global object, sync the position for other players
	    if(!IsValidObject(objectid)) return 1;
	    SetObjectPos(objectid, fX, fY, fZ);
	    SetObjectRot(objectid, fRotX, fRotY, fRotZ);

	if(response == EDIT_RESPONSE_FINAL)
		// The player clicked on the save icon
		// Do anything here to save the updated object position (and rotation)

	if(response == EDIT_RESPONSE_CANCEL)
		//The player cancelled, so put the object back to it's old position
		if(!playerobject) //Object is not a playerobject
			SetObjectPos(objectid, oldX, oldY, oldZ);
			SetObjectRot(objectid, oldRotX, oldRotY, oldRotZ);
			SetPlayerObjectPos(playerid, objectid, oldX, oldY, oldZ);
			SetPlayerObjectRot(playerid, objectid, oldRotX, oldRotY, oldRotZ);
	return 1;



When using 'EDIT_RESPONSE_UPDATE' be aware that this callback will not be called when releasing an edit in progress resulting in the last update of 'EDIT_RESPONSE_UPDATE' being out of sync of the objects current position.

  • EditObject: Edit an object.
  • CreateObject: Create an object.
  • DestroyObject: Destroy an object.
  • MoveObject: Move an object.