Tags: player vehicle


This callback is called when a player starts to exit a vehicle.

Name Description
playerid The ID of the player that is exiting a vehicle.
vehicleid The ID of the vehicle the player is exiting.


It is always called first in filterscripts.


public OnPlayerExitVehicle(playerid, vehicleid)
    new string[35];
    format(string, sizeof(string), "INFO: You are exiting vehicle %i", vehicleid);
    SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFFF, string);
    return 1;



Not called if the player falls off a bike or is removed from a vehicle by other means such as using SetPlayerPos. You must use OnPlayerStateChange and check if their old state is PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER or PLAYER_STATE_PASSENGER and their new state is PLAYER_STATE_ONFOOT.

  • RemovePlayerFromVehicle: Throw a player out of their vehicle.
  • GetPlayerVehicleSeat: Check what seat a player is in.