Tags: vehicle


Called when a player previews a vehicle paintjob inside a mod shop. Watch out, this callback is not called when the player buys the paintjob.

Name Description
playerid The ID of the player that changed the paintjob of their vehicle.
vehicleid The ID of the vehicle that had its paintjob changed.
paintjobid The ID of the new paintjob.


It is always called first in gamemode so returning 0 there blocks other filterscripts from seeing it.


public OnVehiclePaintjob(playerid, vehicleid, paintjobid)
    new string[128];
    format(string, sizeof(string), "You have changed your vehicle's paintjob to %d!", paintjobid);
    SendClientMessage(playerid, 0x33AA33AA, string);
    return 1;



This callback is not called by ChangeVehiclePaintjob. You might use OnVehicleChangePaintjob from vSync in order to know when the player buys the paintjob.

  • ChangeVehiclePaintjob: Change the paintjob on a vehicle.
  • ChangeVehicleColor: Set the color of a vehicle.
  • OnVehicleRespray: Called when a vehicle is resprayed.
  • OnVehicleMod: Called when a vehicle is modded.