Tags: menu


Creates a menu.

Name Description
title[] The title for the new menu.
columns How many colums shall the new menu have.
Float:x The X position of the menu (640x460 canvas - 0 would put the menu at the far left).
Float:y The Y position of the menu (640x460 canvas - 0 would put the menu at the far top).
Float:col1width The width for the first column.
Float:col2width The width for the second column.


The ID of the new menu or -1 on failure.


new Menu:examplemenu;

public OnGameModeInit()
    examplemenu = CreateMenu("Your Menu", 2, 200.0, 100.0, 150.0, 150.0);
    return 1;



This function merely CREATES the menu - ShowMenuForPlayer must be used to show it. You can only create and access 2 columns (0 & 1). If the title's length is equal to or greater than 32 chars the title is truncated to 30 characters.


There is a limit of 12 items per menu, and a limit of 128 menus in total.

  • AddMenuItem: Add an item to a menu.
  • SetMenuColumnHeader: Set the header for one of the columns in a menu.
  • DestroyMenu: Destroy a menu.
  • ShowMenuForPlayer: Show a menu for a player.
  • HideMenuForPlayer: Hide a menu for a player.
  • OnPlayerSelectedMenuRow: Called when a player selected a row in a menu.
  • OnPlayerExitedMenu: Called when a player exits a menu.