Tags: pvar


Deletes a previously set player variable.

Name Description
playerid The ID of the player whose player variable to delete.
varname The name of the player variable to delete.


1: The function executed successfully.

0: The function failed to execute. Either the player specified isn't connected or there is no variable set with the given name.


SetPVarInt(playerid, "SomeVarName", 69);

// Later on, when the variable is no longer needed...

DeletePVar(playerid, "SomeVarName");



Once a variable is deleted, attempts to retrieve the value will return 0 (for integers and floats and NULL for strings.

  • SetPVarInt: Set an integer for a player variable.
  • GetPVarInt: Get the previously set integer from a player variable.
  • SetPVarString: Set a string for a player variable.
  • GetPVarString: Get the previously set string from a player variable.
  • SetPVarFloat: Set a float for a player variable.
  • GetPVarFloat: Get the previously set float from a player variable.