Shows 'game text' (on-screen text) for a certain length of time for all players.

Name Description
const string[] The text to be displayed.
time The duration of the text being shown in milliseconds.
style The style of text to be displayed.


This function always returns 1.


public OnPlayerDeath(playerid, killerid, reason)
    // This example shows a large, white text saying "[playerName] has
    // passed away" on everyone's screen, after a player has died or
    // has been killed. It shows in text-type 3, for 5 seconds (5000 ms)
    new name[ 24 ], string[ 64 ];
    GetPlayerName( playerid, name, 24 );

    // Format the passed-away message properly, and show it to everyone:
    format( string, sizeof(string), "~w~%s has passed away", name );
    GameTextForAll( string, 5000, 3 );

    return 1;
  • GameTextForPlayer: Display gametext to a player.
  • TextDrawShowForAll: Show a textdraw for all players.