Tags: player gangzone


Makes a gangzone flash for a player.

Name Description
playerid The ID of the player to flash the gangzone for.
zone The ID of the zone to flash.
flashcolor The color to flash the gang zone, as an integer or hex in RGBA color format. Alpha transparency supported.


This function does not return any specific values.


new gangzone;

public OnGameModeInit()
    gangzone = GangZoneCreate(1248.011, 2072.804, 1439.348, 2204.319);
    return 1;

public OnPlayerSpawn(playerid)
    return 1;
  • GangZoneCreate: Create a gangzone.
  • GangZoneDestroy: Destroy a gangzone.
  • GangZoneShowForPlayer: Show a gangzone for a player.
  • GangZoneShowForAll: Show a gangzone for all players.
  • GangZoneHideForPlayer: Hide a gangzone for a player.
  • GangZoneHideForAll: Hide a gangzone for all players.
  • GangZoneFlashForAll: Make a gangzone flash for all players.
  • GangZoneStopFlashForPlayer: Stop a gangzone flashing for a player.
  • GangZoneStopFlashForAll: Stop a gangzone flashing for all players.