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The function GetPlayerHealth allows you to retrieve the health of a player. Useful for cheat detection, among other things.

Name Description
playerid The ID of the player.
&Float:health Float to store health, passed by reference.


1 - success

0 - failure (i.e. player not connected).

The player's health is stored in the specified variable.


// Sets players health to 50 if it was lower than
// 50 before, as soon as he typed /doctor

if(strcmp(cmdtext, "/doctor", true) == 0)
    new Float:health;
    if (health < 50.0)
        SetPlayerHealth(playerid, 50.0);
    return 1;



Even though the health can be set to near infinite values on the server side, the individual clients will only report values up to 255. Anything higher will wrap around; 256 becomes 0, 257 becomes 1, etc. Health is obtained rounded to integers: set 50.15, but get 50.0

  • SetPlayerHealth: Set a player's health.
  • GetVehicleHealth: Check the health of a vehicle.
  • GetPlayerArmour: Find out how much armour a player has.