Tags: player menu


Gets the ID of the menu the player is currently viewing (shown by ShowMenuForPlayer).

Name Description
playerid The ID of the player to get the current menu of.


The ID of the player's currently shown menu, or INVALID_MENU (255) if no menu shown. Value returned is tagged with Menu:.


new Menu:CurrentMenu = GetPlayerMenu(playerid); // Store the player's current menu in 'CurrentMenu'



Returns previous menu when none is displayed.

  • ShowMenuForPlayer: Show a menu for a player.
  • HideMenuForPlayer: Hide a menu for a player.
  • CreateMenu: Create a menu.
  • DestroyMenu: Destroy a menu.
  • AddMenuItem: Add an item to a menu.
  • OnPlayerSelectedMenuRow: Called when a player selected a row in a menu.
  • OnPlayerExitedMenu: Called when a player exits a menu.