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Get a player's name.

Name Description
playerid The ID of the player to get the name of.
name[] An array into which to store the name, passed by reference.
len The length of the string that should be stored. Recommended to be MAX_PLAYER_NAME + 1. The + 1 is necessary to account for the null terminator.


The player's name is stored in the specified array.


public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
    // Get the name of the player that connected and display a join message to other players

    new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME + 1];
    GetPlayerName(playerid, name, sizeof(name));

    new string[MAX_PLAYER_NAME + 23 + 1];
    format(string, sizeof(string), "%s has joined the server.", name);
    SendClientMessageToAll(0xC4C4C4FF, string);

    return 1;



A player's name can be up to 24 characters long (as of 0.3d R2) by using SetPlayerName. This is defined in as MAX_PLAYER_NAME. However, the client can only join with a nickname between 3 and 20 characters, otherwise the connection will be rejected and the player has to quit to choose a valid name.

  • SetPlayerName: Set a player's name.
  • GetPlayerIp: Get a player's IP.
  • GetPlayerPing: Get the ping of a player.
  • GetPlayerScore: Get the score of a player.
  • GetPlayerVersion: Get a player's client-version.