Tags: player menu


Shows a previously created menu for a player.

Name Description
menuid The ID of the menu to show. Returned by CreateMenu.
playerid The ID of the player to whom the menu will be shown.


1: The function executed successfully.

0: The function failed to execute. Menu and/or player doesn't exist.


new Menu:MENU_PlayerTeleport;

public OnGameModeInit()
    MENU_PlayerTeleport = CreateMenu(...);
    return 1;

if(strcmp(cmdtext, "/tele", true) == 0)
    ShowMenuForPlayer(MENU_PlayerTeleport, playerid);
    return 1;



Crashes the both server and player if an invalid menu ID given.

  • CreateMenu: Create a menu.
  • AddMenuItem: Add an item to a menu.
  • SetMenuColumnHeader: Set the header for one of the columns in a menu.
  • ShowPlayerDialog: Show a dialog to a player.
  • OnPlayerSelectedMenuRow: Called when a player selected a row in a menu.
  • OnPlayerExitedMenu: Called when a player exits a menu.