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This function was added in SA-MP 0.3x and will not work in earlier versions!


Sets the rotation and zoom of a 3D model preview textdraw.

Name Description
Float:fRotX The X rotation value.
Float:fRotY The Y rotation value.
Float:fRotZ The Z rotation value.
Float:fZoom The zoom value, default value 1.0, smaller values make the camera closer and larger values make the camera further away.


This function does not return any specific values.


new Text:textdraw

public OnGameModeInit()
	textdraw = TextDrawCreate(320.0, 240.0, "_");
	TextDrawFont(textdraw, TEXT_DRAW_FONT_MODEL_PREVIEW);
	TextDrawUseBox(textdraw, 1);
	TextDrawBoxColor(textdraw, 0x000000FF);
	TextDrawTextSize(textdraw, 40.0, 40.0);
	TextDrawSetPreviewModel(textdraw, 411);
	TextDrawSetPreviewRot(textdraw, -10.0, 0.0, -20.0, 1.0);
	//You still have to use TextDrawShowForAll/TextDrawShowForPlayer to make the textdraw visible.
	return 1;



The textdraw MUST use the font type TEXT_DRAW_FONT_MODEL_PREVIEW and already have a model set in order for this function to have effect.

  • PlayerTextDrawSetPreviewRot: Set rotation of a 3D player textdraw preview.
  • TextDrawSetPreviewModel: Set the 3D preview model of a textdraw.
  • TextDrawSetPreviewVehCol: Set the colours of a vehicle in a 3D textdraw preview.
  • TextDrawFont: Set the font of a textdraw.
  • OnPlayerClickTextDraw: Called when a player clicks on a textdraw.