Tags: vehicle


This function was added in SA-MP 0.3a and will not work in earlier versions!


Sets the various visual damage statuses of a vehicle, such as popped tires, broken lights and damaged panels.

Name Description
vehicleid The ID of the vehicle to set the damage of.
panels A set of bits containing the panel damage status.
doors A set of bits containing the door damage status.
lights A set of bits containing the light damage status.
tires A set of bits containing the tire damage status.


This function does not return any specific values.


new panels, doors, lights, tires;
GetVehicleDamageStatus(vehicleid, panels, doors, lights, tires);
UpdateVehicleDamageStatus(vehicleid, panels, doors, lights, 15); //Setting tires to 15 will pop them all



For some useful functions for working with vehicle damage values, see here.

  • SetVehicleHealth: Set the health of a vehicle.
  • GetVehicleHealth: Check the health of a vehicle.
  • RepairVehicle: Fully repair a vehicle.
  • GetVehicleDamageStatus: Get the vehicle damage state for each part individually.
  • OnVehicleDamageStatusUpdate: Called when a vehicle's damage state changes.