Find a filename matching a pattern.

Name Description
name The string to hold the result in, returned as a packed string.
const pattern The pattern that should be matched. May contain wildcards.
index The number of the file, in case there are multiple matches.
size The maximum size of parameter name


true on success, false on failure



This function does not work in the current SA:MP version!

  • fopen: Open a file.
  • fclose: Close a file.
  • ftemp: Create a temporary file stream.
  • fremove: Remove a file.
  • fwrite: Write to a file.
  • fread: Read a file.
  • fputchar: Put a character in a file.
  • fgetchar: Get a character from a file.
  • fblockwrite: Write blocks of data into a file.
  • fblockread: Read blocks of data from a file.
  • fseek: Jump to a specific character in a file.
  • flength: Get the file length.
  • fexist: Check, if a file exists.
  • fmatch: Check, if patterns with a file name matches.