Compares two strings to see if they are the same.

Name Description
string1 The first string to compare.
string2 The second string to compare.
ignorecase (optional) When set to true, the case doesn't matter - HeLLo is the same as Hello. When false, they're not the same.
length (optional) When this length is set, the first x chars will be compared - doing "Hello" and "Hell No" with a length of 4 will say it's the same string.


0 if strings match each other on given length;1 o r -1 if some character do not match: string1[i] - string2[i] ('i' represents character index starting from 0);difference in number of characters if one string matches only part of another string.


new string1[] = "Hello World";
new string2[] = "Hello World";

// Check if the strings are the same
if(!strcmp(string1, string2))

new string3[] = "Hell";

// Check if the first 4 characters match
if(!strcmp(string2, string3, false, 4))

// Check for null strings with isnull()
if(!strcmp(string1, string2) && !isnull(string1) && !isnull(string2))

// Definition for isnull():
#if !defined isnull
    #define isnull(%1) ((!(%1[0])) || (((%1[0]) == '\1') && (!(%1[1]))))



This function returns 0 if either string is empty. Check for null strings with isnull(). If you do not, for example, people can login to anyone's account by simply entering a blank password. If you compare strings from a text file, you should take in to account the 'carriage return' and 'new line' special characters (\r \n), as they are included, when using fread.

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